Besides my experience on set, both creatively and practically, I can provide professional video and lighting equipment when working as a DP, Operator, Gaffer or Electrician, with a high cost efficiency.

PLEASE NOTE: As of this moment, I do not rent gear to other DPs or Gaffers - both due to availability- and insurance issues.

CAMERA     I      STEADICAM      I      GRIP / LIGHT STANDS      I      LIGHTING      I      POWER


  • Aputure 600d Pro (March 2021)

  • Aputure 300d II

Bi-Color / RGB:

  • Aputure 300X

  • Yanguang 160BC

  • 3x Aputure MC (Mini LED)

  • Aputure MX (Mini LED)

  • 2x Aputure Accent B7C (E27)


  • Ianibeam 2kW Fresnel

  • 2x ARRI 300W Fresnel

  • 1x Proxistar 1kW Softbox


  • Matthews Butterfly 6x6' with Ultra Bounce and Magic Cloth

  • Light Dome II

  • Aputure Fresnel F10

  • Aputure Fresnel Mount X2

  • Aputure Spotlight Mount with various Gobos

  • Aputure Barn Doors (30°)

  • Matthews 36x36 Diffusion Frame

  • Matthews Floppy 40x40

  • Matthews SunBounce 40x40

  • Matthews Flag 40x40''

  • Matthews Flag 24x36''

  • Matthews Flag 18x24''

  • Matthews Artificial Silk 40x40''

  • Matthews 36x36'' Diffusion Frame

  • 3x Bounce Board (white/silver)